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Today, Boge & Boge (1980) Ltd. & Diaser Management (2006) Ltd. provide a full range of engineering, construction, design-build, consulting and project management services.

Boge and Diaser are characterized by people who provide thorough and professional service to their clients. The firm and its predecessors have completed design, construction and commissioning on projects throughout Canada and internationally.

Boge and Diaser are recognized for their ability to solve difficult problems creatively. The experience gained from applying traditional methodology combined with innovative and new technology provides Boge and Diaser with a comprehensive resource for developing effective solutions. Boge & Diaser has demonstrated a commitment to become knowledgeable about and invest in evolving technologies. The firm's ability to listen to client's needs and to meet them within a prescribed budget and schedule, has secured a portfolio of long term clients.

Our Services

Boge & Boge & Diaser Management provide engineering, construction, design-build & project management services.

Our flexibility. expertise and dedication allows us to offer complete tailoring of our services to suit the unique needs of our clients.

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