Field Inspections - Boge and Boge visits project sites to inspect job progress and to obtain accurate information when preparing solutions.

Safety supervision - Boge provides on-site full-time safety supervision including employee orientation, daily safety meetings with employees and the client, daily walk-through's and safety program implementation.

On-Site Engineering - On long term projects Boge provides a full-time engineer to co-ordinate engineering and construction efforts. This also offers the client an on-site contact for the duration of the project.

Project control - Boge provides material, quality and cost control on construction projects. Material control ensures that effective use of supplied equipment and products, quality control ensures the proper use and installation of material and equipment and cost control ensures that actual amounts spent are equal or below the anticipated cost.

Project Liaison - A project liaison is usually and engineer or a project manager that Boge has working full time on-site so that the client always has a representative with whom they can communicate.

Long term residence - On major out of town projects Boge relocates engineers to the project site to take up residence and work full time on the project.

Construction Management - Diaser is able to provide an independent review on behalf of clients during construction projects.