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Boge and Boge has experience in a broad spectrum of industrial projects. Heavy industrial assignments have involved mining, agricultural facilities, steel mills, pulp and paper mills, manufacturing and fertilizer plants.

Our experience in light industry includes bottling and strand board plants, material handling and warehousing. We deliver solutions that meet the client's needs.

We interact with management and staff to address specific needs for your company's long term benefit. Whether you need design, procurement, project management, contract management or complete design-build services, we have the experience, people and technology to serve you.

Boge was retained to decommission and mothball the #1 and #2 Ammonia plants at Simplot in Brandon . This work was undertaken during December and January. Boge developed the shutdown sequence and safety procedure for the successful shutdown of these plants. Safety control was managed by Boge & Boge staff including protocols for Simplot staff.

We provided foundation and structural engineering services for the new Danielli caster from Italy . The castor expansion was conducted inside an existing facility and required cross-cultural skills to effectively translate European design philosophy to the North American market place.

Innovative engineering combined with creative construction practice facilitated the complete roof replacement for a 600 ft. x 100 ft. roof area that was land locked and could not be shutdown for construction. The novel approach required the construction of a custom crane using new roof trusses to dismantle the old roof and install the new roof including main trusses, purlins, deck, insulation and roof membrane.

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Filter Project
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Edible Oil Canola
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Ore Receiving Project