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Boge and Boge has developed expertise in the area of building envelope and science. We were instrumental in the analysis of prestigious buildings such as The Grain Commission Building and the corporate Head Office for the Manitoba Telephone System. We have specific experience with:

  • Pre-cast concrete cladding
  • Stone cladding
  • Stone structures
  • Metal exteriors

Sample Project - Chez Nous Masonry Retrofit

The masonry retrofit of an existing 10 story apartment building posed several challenges The first was that the building was essentially round and the second was that the original construction of poured in place concrete floor sand roof slabs was a series of arcs, approximating a circle but in fact not a true circle. This resulted from the limitations of the original construction method.

A sprayed-in-place medium density polyurethane foam insulation was applied. Existing steel shelf angles were modified and reinforced and the original stone veneer was re-installed using current best practice detailing.

Despite extensive additional remedial work required during construction, the cost of the project did not exceed the client's original budget.

Sample Building Science Projects

Chez Nous
Chez Nous