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Our agricultural experience includes both new and retrofit projects. Our clients appreciate the speed with which we respond to their needs in an economical and practical fashion particularly for time sensitive shut down schedules.

Our team has experience in:

  • Edible oil facilities
  • Grain storage and handling facilities
  • Flour mills
  • Feed mills
  • Breweries and malt plants.

Boge and Boge has designed the foundations and superstructures for feed mills, oil seed processing plants, hog processing facilities, potato storage structures, and storage bins.

Our design-build team can provide you with all aspects of your project including prime consulting, design and construction.

We also provide feasibility studies, cost auditing services as well as business plan development for process improvement and capital projects.

Sample Agriculture Projects

Sample Agriculture
Sample #1
Sample Agriculture
Sample #3
Sample Agriculture
Sample #3
Edible Oil Canola Plant Expansion
Edible Oil Canola
Plant Expansion
Grain Handling
Grain Handling